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Oil, Gas & Chemical

Helping Fuel What Matters Most

MGP handles some of the most pivotal components that go into binding the tubing of refineries across the nation. Corrosion protection is an important element to this industry; we take pride in our capability to design specific coatings to meet any requirements and to offer a quality finish that will extend the life of your product.

Industrial Truck

Helping for the Long Haul

Industrial trucks are one of the pillars of goods transportation in this country—here at MGP we make sure that the pillar remains as sturdy as possible by supplying the industry with the highest quality finishes.  Our coatings provide a resilient bond that will help ensure your asset performs well and withstands the wear and tear of the open roads.

Highway & Railway

Holding Our Nation Together

At Mechanical Galv-Plating, we are customer committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. MGP plated parts are often found throughout this industry including but not limited to: bridge construction, highway signage, guardrail support and claws that hold our nation’s railroad system together.

Energy & Telecommunications

Connecting and Fueling

Within the continuously evolving industry of energy and telecommunications every component needs to be current. We provide personalized coatings to meet your specific needs to enable long-lasting finishes. Our corrosion protective plating’s aid in delivering beneficial results for the pole-line, tower, windmill, and power plant hardware within the energy and telecommunications field.


Part of the Foundation

The construction industry has a variety of applications, they all have one thing in common—the necessity for high-performance, long-lasting coatings solutions. Our coatings hold up to the extreme heat, cold, wind or rain, that the construction industry weathers. Our broad selection of finishes with protective qualities have many functions within this industry.


Its What Moves You

Mechanical Galv-Plating supplies reliable coatings used in all means of automotive applications. Our depth of history working with some of the lead providers in the automobile industry allows us to stay flexible and ready to meet the demanding requirements. At MGP, technical expertise qualifies us to meet the strictest product integrity requirements and needs of customers worldwide. We provide coating solutions uniquely designed for long-lasting durability—all of this supports our drive to supply the automotive industry.


Plowing or Cutting

The agriculture industry consists of heavy-duty and recreational equipment that calls for long-lasting coatings and have planted our place as one of the lead suppliers in the market. Whether it’s the combines and tractors working in the fields or the lawnmowers sculpting your grass—our high-quality finishes will ensure the longevity of your equipment.

Aerospace & Defense

Allowing Great Exploration

Mechanical Galv-Plating provides quality finishes and handles a wide range of military & aerospace products. The requirements set forth by these industries are demanding—we make it our mission here at MGP to exceed their expectations when it comes to quality coatings.


Mechanical Galv-Plating would love the opportunity to serve the needs of your operation.


Mechanical Galv-Plating would love the opportunity to serve the needs of your operation.